2DP Grinder/Polisher – electric – 230V

cougar_0011_2DP Grinder_Polisher – electric – 230V

EDCO/Contrx 2DP ProPolisher II
The ProPolisher ll will polish approximately 900 sq.ft. per hour for each step in the CONTRx polishing system

  • Counter Rotating Flex Head Disc Assembly with Directional Lock-In Accessory System
  • Patented Magnetic Accessory Housing
  • Soft-Start, TEFC Smart Motor
  • Hand-Crank Surface Leveling Fork Assembly: (Light Grind, Heavy Grind & Transport Modes)
  • Quick-Change Accessory System
  • 4 (40 lb.) Removable Weights & Lifting Bail
  • Multi-Vac Hookup with a 3″ Vac-port
  • Flip-Up and Wide “T” Handle Assemblies for Easy Operator Control
  • Non-Marking Poly Wheels
  • 330 LBS
  • 5 HP Electric Motor
  • 230 Volt Single Phase
  • VACUUM SYSTEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE POLISHING SYSTEMS, but a fine dust collection vacuum system is strongly recommended to go along with your ProPolishing Dry System to control dust during the Preparation and Polishing Phases of your polishing job. You will also need a CONTRx vacuum system to clean the surface between each step of the system which is critical in achieving the best results.

Requires renting the Diamond Prep Kit, Honning/Polishing Kit, 30 Grit or 16 Grit Diamond Dots and 6 Gal Pulse Vac if Dustless is Required

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