9 Gal Vortex 200 Vac

cougar_0046_9 Gal Vortex 200 Vac

EDCO Vortex  200


CONTRx Vacuum Systems control air-borne dust particles and shorten cleanups while reducing worker’s exposure to dust and debris.

  • Industrial Bypass dual 110V, 16 AMP motor
  • Micro-Clean filter GUARANTEED for 3 years
  • 9 Gallon dust collection capacity
  • 200 CFM
  • 94″ Lift Column
  • 13 sq. ft. of filter area
  • 25 ft, 2 inch Diameter hose and connector included
  • Cast-Composite material GUARANTEED for life not to crack

VACUUM SYSTEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE POLISHING SYSTEMS, but a fine dust collection vacuum system is strongly recommended to go along with your ProPolishing Dry System to control dust during the Preparation and Polishing Phases of your polishing job. You will also need a CONTRx vacuum system to clean the surface between each step of the system which is critical in achieving the best results.

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