Husqvarna FS6100D Floor Saw
Husqvarna FS6100D Floor Saw

Husqvarna FS6100D-36 Concrete Saw 3-Speed Gearbox

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Product Description

Husqvarna’s new FS 6100 D 3-speed gearbox flat saw is a highly maneuverable saw, thanks to the rear pivot, which makes it easy to turn and is perfect for road repair and patch work. Equipped with a Tier 3/Interim Tier 4 diesel engine that is compliant with federal regulations. The EPA’s Clean Air Act requires certain air pollutants generated by diesel engines to be gradually reduced in 4 Tiers over several years. Husqvarna, being the world leader in high horsepower flat saws, have Tier 3/Interim Tier 4 engines on all large flat saws. Tier 3/Interim Tier 4 diesel engines run cleaner and reduce emissions, helping to improve the environment for the operator and the surrounding community.

Another impressive feature is the 3-speed gearbox which allows different sized blades to run at their ideal performance level _ ensuring the most out of every cut. The heavy-duty steel frame gives the saw optimal weight distribution and balance. The saw runs smoothly, reducing vibrations and making the saw more comfortable for the operator.

The FS 6100 D 3-speed gearbox is perfect for various applications where production is a concern, such as airports, highways and service work. The saw is ideal for medium to small jobs that require high production rates when the cutting depth is no more than 17″.


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