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Cougar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On behalf of Cougar Sales and Rental, these employees accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! ALS is a very debilitating disease, and we are happy to be able to help raise awareness and make a donation in honor of those who have been affected. We would now like to nominate Keith Masserant of Mid-American Gunite, Keith Branoff of Diamond Products Limited, and Jack Severns of Solomon Colors Inc. Keep fighting!

We froze the video so you could see their reactions as the gallons of ice cold water were dumped from the skid steer bucket onto their heads.

Cougar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thank you to Chris, Alex and Marty, owner of Cougar Sales and Rental, for participating in this challenge and making the end of our work day VERY entertaining. Also, thank you to another employee, Angela, for being a part of this video. Can you spot her anywhere? Comment on our Facebook if you think you have a guess!

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