Cougar News

We’re opening back up!

Cougar is happy to announce that we will be opening back up Tuesday April 28th at 9AM. We will be doing curbside pick up for orders and have limited delivery service available. Please call ahead with your order if possible and we will get it ready to go. You can also contact your salesman if you deal with Mike or Kerry. We will allow customers in the showroom, but we will limit how many at a time. Any customers that do need to come into the showroom will be required to wear a mask, which we can supply if needed. We will not allow customers in the shop. We are asking customers to remain in there vehicles in the parking lot. Please call the office when you’re close or in the parking lot, 248-348-8864 and we will direct you. You may also email orders or questions in to or We realize this is an inconvenience for some and thank you for the understanding and cooperation. Please keep practicing social distancing when in the parking lot, showroom or out back picking up or returning equipment. After Tuesday we will be open from 8am to 5pm and we will remain closed on Saturdays. Thank you all again and we cannot wait to see everyone!!! Call 248-348-8864 with any questions.

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