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MG Krete - Regular #1260


1260 MG-KRETE™is an inexpensive, two component, high early strength structural repair material that is very easy to use in the field.

Basic Uses:

1260 MG-KRETE™is used for all types of concrete repairs. It is used for patching, from shallow feather-ing to deep pours. It can be poured into forms, it can be trowelled vertically and overhead, it can fill large cracks or be used as a fast set plug.

Major Advantages of 1260 MG-Krete™:

Cures very rapidly in all weather at all temperatures to form a very hard, tenaciously bonded repair.
Non-flammable and has high heat resistance.
Cures very rapidly, most applications can be returned to service in 30 minutes.
Does not shrink on cure.
Stronger than concrete within 45 minutes.
Self-priming and will bond to virtually any construction material.
Very easy to use, there are no specific slump requirements, no critical mixing ratios, no sophisticated and expensive surface preparation.
Non-toxic, it contains no harmful chemicals, and it cleans-up with water.
Very cost effective, it has the performance characteristics of the best polymers at a fraction of the cost.
Totally waterproof, it is resistant to oils, gasoline, salt and UV radiation.
Approved by Agriculture Canada for incidental food contact.

Technical and Product Data:

Flash Point: None
Compressive Strength
45 Minutes: 2,610 psi/ 18.0 MPa
24 Hours: 5,148 psi/ 35.5 MPa
7 Days: 5,815 psi / 40.1 MPa
28 Days: 11,194 psi / 77.2 MPa

Set Time:
Initial at 20ºC: 15 Minutes

Application Temp:
Minimum 0ºF (-10ºC) (with Low Temp Accelerator)
Over 70ºF (21ºC) (with High Temp Retarder)

Primer: No Primer Required
Clean-Up: Water (before material sets)
Shelf Life: 1 year, if stored away from direct heat
No. Of Components: Two (Part A and B)


Keep all materials dry, DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE MIX. Maintaining the mix ratio as supplied, i.e. one container of liquid activator to one bag of dry component, will give a trowellable consistency suitable for most floor applications, however the slump may be adjusted to the applicator's preference or to suit the specific job conditions by increasing either of the two components. DO NOT ADJUST THE SLUMP BY THE ADDI-TION OF WATER. Mix the two components by mechanical means until all the material is wetted, and place quickly. Dry pea gravel may be added to the mix to increase the yield on deep placements.

Application Instructions:

Surface must be clean, dry and free of loose material. Remove all dirt from area to be covered leaving a rough, clean surface. For applications at ambient temperatures below 50ºF (10ºC) 1261 LOW TEMP ACCELERATOR must be used to ensure a full cure. With temperatures above 70ºF (21ºC) the 1263 HIGH TEMPERATURE RETARDER can be used to extend the working time. Do not pre-wet surface with water. Keep an adequate supply of water on hand to keep equipment clean. Thoroughly dry all equipment before using 1260 MG-KRETE™.


1260 MG-KRETE™may be finished with screed, trowel or broom. Do not rework material after it has begun to set.OVER COATING -Allow 1260MG-KRETE™at least 24 hours to cure before over coating. The cured surface must be acid washed, sandblasted or mechanically abraded before coating to ensure sound bonding.

Special Handling:

Store materials in a clean dry area away from direct heat. Setting time of the mixed material will be greatly accelerated if the components are stored in a warm or hot environment, conversely, the setting time is extended if the materials are kept cool. Flush all spills with water. Clean all tools with water immediately after each use. Do not attempt to place 1260MG-KRETE™in water or where running water will disturb the worksite or rain is imminent.