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ColorFlo® SG Granular Integral Color

Color: Earthen (PC-6001) - 1 Bag Per 2 Yards
ColorFlo® SG Granular Color
Solomon Colors ColorFlo SG Granular Pigment is an excellent free flowing, low dusting color for Ready Mix and Manufactured Concrete Products applications. With ColorFlo SG Granular, Solomon Colors cements its position as the industry innovator.

Innovative Pigment
Granulated in Springfield, Illinois using an advanced process, ColorFlo SG Granular pigment is unlike any other on the market. This innovative method creates a pigment with easy flowability, tighter particle size tolerances, reduced dust formation, and color development that meets or exceeds that of any competing granular pigment in both wet and dry slump conditions.

Granular Dispensing
ColorSelect and QuickColor granular systems accurately and efficiently dispense SG Granular pigment. Solomon Colors has granular dispensers for any Ready Mix, Precast, and Paver and Block application. Create thousands of colors from just 4 primary colors.

Solomon Advantage
Solomon Colors granulates every ounce of ColorFlo SG Granular pigment in-house in Springfield, Illinois. Every order is backed up by Solomon Colors’ decades of innovation, stringent quality control, and exceptional customer service. Turn to Solomon Colors for your granular pigment needs

ColorFlo® SG Granular Color Packaging

Solomon Colors’ signature 2300 and 2700 (depending on color) pound Buffalo Bags make storing, transporting, refilling, and dispensing ColorFlo SG Granular pigment simple. Convenient 10 and 25 pound bags are available for QuickColor Granular Systems.

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  • Mixes Evenly
  • Meets ASTM C979

Batch-To-Batch Uniformity:

Consistent color can only be achieved by using the same sand, cement, aggregates, water-content and mixing time for the color. Differences in colors of cement, sand, aggregates and volume of water in the mix can alter the finished color.


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