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Blush-Tone Acid Stain®

Color: Jade (CS-100)
BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stains color concrete surfaces with a beautiful, variegated and mottled appearance. Reacting with the minerals that exist in new or existing concrete, acid stain transforms ordinary concrete into the rich look of granite or marble. The effect is random depending on the composition of the concrete. Even more interesting shades and colors can be obtained by using Blush-Tone Acid Stain over integrally colored concrete, or over BRICKFORM Color Hardener and Antique Release Agent.

BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain lets you create colors with real depth that are unique and captivating. Thousands of different looks can be achieved ranging from the understated elegance of burnished leather to the ageless beauty of natural stone. Blush-Tone Acid Stain will open the door to a whole new palette of creative expression.
  • Thousands of different looks can be achieved
  • Creates unique, captivating, multi-colored intensities
  • Creates colors with real depth
  • Will not chip, crack or peel

Blush-Tone Acid Stain Specifications

  • 1 gal. bottles
  • 200 to 300 ft2 per gal.
  • 10 standard colors
  • Unique colors
  • Will not chip, crack, or peel

Coverage and Application:

One gallon will cover 200 to 300 square feet of concrete surface. Apply with a sprayer suitable for acid, or by paintbrush working the stain from wet to dry to avoid drying marks. Most staining is done at full strength. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain can be diluted with water to create variations of color. Be sure to do mock ups to determine final color outcome.

Color Options (Gray Concrete vs White Overlay):

*Disclaimer: The colors on this chart are representative only and do not guarantee a final match. BRICKFORM strongly recommends testing representative samples in different sections of the concrete, to determine suitability of the stain and final appearance. Stain colors Olive, Turquoise and Jade should NOT be used on slag concrete or in areas subject to water from the subgrade or standing water. Applying to slag concrete or exposure to excess water will darken or blacken the stained surface. When using these colors, they should be considered for interior purposes where the subgrade must be well drained and free of hydrostatic pressure.

Disclaimer - Colors shown here display only the range of BRICKFORM options available. To confirm an exact color, have your contractor prepare a color sample for your approval before actual construction. BRICKFORM accepts no responsibility for color matching or misprints.

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