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K1 Standard String Chalk Line Reel

Most popular & the original offering. Standard lines are similar in size to a felt tip pen line. Our twisted synthetic line picks up and puts down more chalk than our precision line. There is a bit of over-spray on the lines.

  • Chalk Lines provide temporary to almost permanent perfectly straight lines.
  • How a string is put together and what it is made of determines how much chalk a line holds and how much chalk a line lays down.
  • Strings of the same diameter and material perform differently based on their structure.
  • Giant lines leave big bold lines that are often used in parking lots and streets
  • Synthetic lines pick up and put down less chalk, but are more durable and are not affected by dampness


  • Compact and Light
  • Self-sealing grommet for spill-free refills
  • A standard, cost-effective chalk line reel
  • The K1 has been in our line since the beginning