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Low-Temp Accelerator #1261


The MG-KRETE™LOW TEMPERATURE ACCELERATORis a powder additive to be added to the MG-KRETE™Concrete Repair Material to assist with curing in low temperature environments. The use of the LOW TEMPERATURE ACCELERATOR will not alter the performance characteristics of the MG-KRETE™greatly


The MG-KRETE™LOW TEMPERATURE ACCELERATOR is available in 500 ml / PINT, 378 L / 1 Gallon, 18.9 L / 5 Gallon Pain. The set time and working properties of MG-KRETE™ vary according to a number of factors such as ambi-ent temperature, temperature of the substrate and air movement. When ambient temperature drops below 50°F (10°C), LOWTEMPERATURE ACCELERATOR may be required to assist with cure. The LOW TEMPERATURE ACCEL-ERATORcan be used to help cure MG-KRETE™in temperatures as low as 15°F (-10°C). The amount of LOWTEM-PERATURE ACCELERATOR to use varies according to many site conditions. Therefore, the user is advised to mix and test the working time of a small section first under the site conditions to determine the optimum mix ratio. The other factors to consider are substrate temp and depth of placement. The deeper MG-KRETE™ is built the more mass and the more heat generated, therefore less accelerator may be used. This should be determined by a competent contractor, certified to use MG-KRETE™

At Temperature Of: 41ºF to 50ºF (5°C to 10°C)
Approx. Weight of Low Accelerator Needed Per Bag of MG-KRETE™: 1 Cup

At Temperature Of: 32°F to 41°F (0°C to 5°C)
Approx. Weight of Low Accelerator Needed Per Bag of MG-KRETE™: 2 Cups

At Temperature Of: 15°Fto 32°F (-10°C to 0°C)
Approx. Weight of Low Accelerator Needed Per Bag of MG-KRETE™: 3 Cups

1 Cup (8 fl. Oz./250 ml.) holds 3.88 oz. (110g) of 1261 LTA

The user can adjust these levels to account for local conditions and user preference

SUFFICIENT LOW TEMPERATURE ACCELERATOR MUST BE ADDED TO ENSURE THAT THE MG-KRETE ™ CURES WITHIN 50 MINUTES OR LESS. This means hard to the touch. You should have about 20 minutes working time.


To mix in the LOW TEMPERATURE ACCELERATOR mix the MG-KRETE™ as normal, put the activator liquid in the container first, then add aggregate until wet, add low temp accelerator and mix for 20 seconds. Mix and handle the MG-KRETE™ the same as usual, in a consistent manner with mixing and handling the MG-KRETE™as per the MG-KRETE™data sheet.